JR West Rail Pass and Attractions

Make the most of your JR West Pass when you purchase attractions along the way!

Looking through the vast offerings in Western Japan, we have chosen 3 unique and unforgettable experiences for you to begin you JR West Journey with us!


1. Sakuya Lummina at Osaka Castle
When talking about Western Japan, one cannot miss out visiting Osaka. To begin your Journey with a bang, the JR West pass presents a night walk experience that infuses the Osaka Castle with magical sounds and light. SAKUYA LUMINA is the latest experience in the Lumina night walks series. Inspired by the local culture and the natural beauty of the site, the Lumina night walks create an enchanting environment by using a universal language. Beginning at night fall, visitors are invited to pursue an immersive experience, where emotions are engaged through lights, soundscape, scenography, video and interactivity.


2. Abeno Harukas Observatory
The Abeno Harukas Observatory is one of Osaka’s newest landmarks, boasting the greatest height og any building in Japan. The observatory encloses visitors in reinforced glass from floor to ceiling on all side for the ultimate 360-degree view and experience of Osaka. As the sun sinks down in the west, the waters of the Yodo River and Osaka Bay slowly turn from gold to wine red as twilight takes hold.The shadow of OSAKA HARUKAS stretches into the east, becoming a sight to behold in its own right as it lies across the Osaka streets.


3. Crosta Porter Service
A delivery service for your luggage that transports it from Kansai International Airport to any of 400 hotels or stations (including Kyoto Station, Osaka Station, Shin-Osaka Station and more). Enjoy your trip without the worry about heavy luggage. [Length of Delivery time may vary based on destination and deposit time. Please check with us on our enquiry page or call us for clarification of any questions]


Type AdultChild
(6-11 yrs)
Kansai WIDE Area Pass
Sell at S$ (Jpn Yen)
5 Days118
Sanyo San'in Area Pass
Sell at S$ (Jpn Yen)
7 Days 226
Kansai Hiroshima Pass
Sell at S$ (Jpn Yen)
5 Days167
Sakuya Lumina
Sell at S$ (Jpn Yen)
Advance Booking26
Abeno Harukas
Sell at S$ (Jpn Yen)
Crosta Porter Service
Sell at S$ (Jpn Yen)
From Kansai Airport to JR Kyoto Station
[per item]
From Kansai Airport to JR Osaka Station/JR Shin-Osaka Station18